ormsby action RANGE - multigun division

Located at 1420 Sheridan Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA 95648

The Ormsby Action Range is located on the back side of the Dillman Range at our outdoor shooting facility.  This range is named for Scott Ormsby who was instrumental in getting this secondary range built on the Dillman property.

Occupying approximately 4 acres of the Lincoln Rifle Club property, the Ormsby Action Range is used by the Multi-Gun Division (MGD) to host UML, and DMG format matches.  It is only accessible during scheduled events, matches, and practices. Please check the range calendar for dates and times.

Operating Hours

Operating hours are subject to change due to weather, match schedules, or other unforeseen circumstances. It is best to check the Lincoln Rifle Club calendar or call the recorded message line (916-645-9350) before coming out to the range.