cast bullet silhouette match


Qualifications and Match Fee

Cast Bullet Matches are open to Club Members only.

Match Fee: $5.00 per shooter


Dillman Outdoor Range

Dates and Times

Matches are held on the last Monday of each month beginning in March with the following exceptions:  the 3rd Monday of May (week before Memorial day) and the 3rd Monday of November (week of Thanksgiving).

Sign ups begin at 7:30 am with a maximum of 24 shooters per match.

Set up begins at 8:00 am with practice until 9:00 am.  Match usually ends around Noon but may continue until 2:00 pm or until all shooters have completed the course of fire and the Range is cleaned up.

Please see the Lincoln Rifle Club calendar to verify schedule.

Course of Fire

The course of fire is 200 yd Rams, 150 yd Turkeys, 100 yd pigs, 50 yd steel plates all shot with a rifle.  A different rifle may be used for each course of fire.  50 yd chickens are shot with a  revolver and 50 yd .22 steel targets are shot with a .22 rim-fire rifle offhand position. Only two categories are permitted. Those using shooting sticks and those without.  Scopes and iron sights are the in the same category.  All targets shot with cast bullets except .22 rim-fire. Total score is 60. 

sporting rifle match


Qualifications and Match Fees

Sporting Rifle Matches are open to Club Members Only.

Match Fee:  $30 to join the league; $5 per match.


Dillman Outdoor Range

Dates and Times

Matches are held on Tuesday evenings beginning in April and running through June.  Set up starts at 4:30 pm and the match begins no later than 5:30 pm. 

Please see the LRC calendar to verify schedule.

Course of Fire

  •  8 rounds in prone position – 8 minutes
  • 8 rounds in standing position – 8 minutes
  • 4 rounds in sittig position – 30 seconds (twice)
  • 4 rounds in prone position – 30 seconds (twice)


If your rifle weighs less than 9.5 pounds, has iron sights or a scope, then bring it to this competition. This fun and challenging match consists of 32 rounds at 100 yards. 

A sling and a glove are the only support equipment that are allowed by the rules in this match.  No shooting jacket or shooting mitts are allowed. The Match Director will form teams of six and will submit the highest four scores of each team. So bring your friends who are good shooters with you and you can form the winning team.