getting started in practical shooting


Lincoln Rifle Club Multi-Gun Division (MGD) hosts a USPSA sanctioned action pistol match the 1st Saturday of the month.  We want you to be safe, and have an enjoyable match with us.  Action pistol are competitive shooting sports that take marksmanship to the next level.  This incorporates movement, along with varied targets and courses of fire, all while being timed.  

Basic skills required:  It is presumed that you have basic firearm safety and handling skills. You should be comfortable with firearm manipulation, loading, shooting, making safe, and clearing malfunctions, as well as basic marksmanship at distances of 5 to 25 yards. Having solid skills on the static line will let you focus on what’s new with safety and shooting, while on the move. 

We have minimum qualifications to participate in any of our division matches.  Some of you may have certain training and/or experience with handling firearms.  However, MGD has certain safety practices and expectations that are specific to this format of competition.


  • Verifiable action format match experience and/or an "Intro to USPSA" course is required, subject to Match Director approval.  We may verify any experience on Practiscore.
  • Any multi-gun participation requires the completion of the "Intro to USPSA" course, and documented completion of at least 3 sanctioned handgun matches (USPSA or IDPA).
  • You must have your own firearms, equipment, and ammunition.   
  • All persons on the Ormsby Range are required to sign the liability waiver and wear eye/ hearing protection.
  • Lincoln Rifle Club membership is not a requirement to participate.


We do not allow any exemptions or consideration of military, law enforcement, Front Sight, Thunder Ranch, Gun Sight Academy, etc.  These are not inclusive nor consistent with any of our safety practices and expectations.

EQUIPMENT RESTRICTIONS:  Competitors are solely responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with applicable laws.  Match staff will only check to ensure compliance with division requirements as specified in our match rulebook.   

INTRO TO USPSA COURSE:   This is offered by our USPSA affiliate club, Solano Targetmasters, located in Davis, CA.  Contact Ron Sechler at for more information and to sign-up.

If you have further questions, please contact the match director at