varmint rifle match


Qualifications and Match Fees

Varmint Rifle matches are open to Members and the Public.  Match Fees are set annually


Dillman Outdoor Range

Dates and Times

Matches are held April through October on the last Friday evening of the month.

Please see the LRC calendar to verify schedule

Format Summary

Since Mother Nature will not allow any sighter shots during hunting, neither will the Match Director for this match. The Shooter must come to this event knowing how to adjust their sights for several different distances. The targets themselves are rodent sized to add to the reality of the event. 

For the Season

  1. This is a 20 minute, 20 shot, match shot at approximately 100 yards, 165 Yards, 200 yards, and 220 yards. Use of a range finder to verify ranges is permitted.
  2. There will be five shots at each range for score, with a maximum possible score of 200. Sighters are not permitted, but two fouling shots off the target will be permitted during a three-minute preparation period. All hits on either the target or target support will be counted, with extra shots being deducted at the highest hit value.
  3. Any gun and any sight may be used from any safe position. (No .50 BMG’s) 
  4. The targets will be varmint sized figures with scoring rings, and may vary from match to match at the discretion of the Match Director. The target type will be posted near the firing line to allow each competitor the opportunity to note size, shape, and location of the scoring rings.
  5. Slings, gloves, and shooting jackets or other vest/sling combination equipment (tactical jackets) are permitted. Bi-pods, crossed shooting sticks, and sandbags are permitted for front rests only. Rear or gun butt rests are not permitted.

Special Notes on Scoring Varmint Matches

  1. There will be a maximum of 200 points per match, with a maximum of 50 points per target.
  2. The targets will be scored with ten points for the center bulls-eye, and 5 points for the second ring. Shots outside the second ring, but still within the target body will be scored as one point.
  3. As a special extra point make-up opportunity, the varmint target eye will be scored as twenty points, but the maximum score per target will still be limited to 50 points. To be counted, the pupil of the eye must be touched by the shot.

small bore rifle match

Small bore rifle, photo courtesy of

Qualifications and Match Fees

Smallbore Rifle Matches are open to Club Members Only.  ​

Match Fees are set annually


Indoor Range at McBean Park

Dates and Times

Matches are held on Thursday Nights December through April. The doors open at 5:00 pm for set up. The first relay starts at 5:15 pm with the second relay starting at 6:45 pm.

Please see the LRC calendar to verify schedule.

Course of Fire

  •  10 rounds in kneeling position (15 min)
  • 10 rounds in prone position (13 min)
  • 10 rounds in standing position (19 min)

Unlimited sighters are allowed during the stage time. A 5-minute change over period is given between stages. 

About This Match

This is a place for new shooters to start and an excellent place for great shooters to stay in shape. Alibis are considered for new shooters and equipment malfunctions.  

For the shooter that enjoys the challenge of shoulder-to-shoulder shooting, this match offers 3-position Metric Smallbore competition.  At each competition, the shooter, using a .22 caliber rifle with a scope or iron sights, completes 3 positions shooting USA-50 targets at 50 feet. This is the reduced 50-meter International Smallbore Target.

Shooters in their teens as well as “well seasoned” shooters take part in these matches.  From the Master to the beginning Marksman all shooters come to enjoy the company while improving their shooting skills.